VODKA & OJ ~ Inveigh Shun 7in.

Mixed drinks are one thing... mixed races quite another! This is a somewhat later release when the group came back with a bang. When attempting to photograph this item, my camera simply went haywire. As if by MAGIC, everything on the picture sleeve that was once white either disappeared or, worse yet, turned Red a phenomenon the band would find most disturbing! Boo hoo!

After eBay and PayPal take their bite, 75% of the dough goes to my self-hating consignor. Your humble narrator will spend the remaining 25% on Mexican or Chinese food or perhaps a gay paperback or destroying ZOG, it really just depends.

This is the FIRST pressing of this single (release number RRR47 with 1983 listed on the record and 1984 listed on the sleeve). The last copy listed on eBay sold for $120. If you have any questions or would like a better picture of this item, e-mail me.