Date:  2003/06/02 Mon PM 10:30:34 EDT
To:  **********
Subject:  PI NOTICE: eBay Auctions Ended by Customer Support - MA Violation In MA
Dear ******,

We regret to inform you that your eBay auctions:

2932733869 1962 fetish mag FANTASIA No.20 _ Pony Boys!
2932734556 HUMILIATED SLAVE spanking discipline 60's MAG
2932735671 VIOLENT VIXENS Selbee Publication 1965 FETISH
3525791985 60's LESBIAN PAPERBACK: Louisville Saturday
3525792984 60's LESBIAN PAPERBACK: The Abnormal Ones
3525793528 60's LESBIAN PB: Free Admission ERIC STANTON
3525793996 60's LESBIAN PB: Lady Butler ERIC STANTON
3525794326 DOMINA Issue No. 13 - 60's domination fetish
3525794545 two 60's SLEAZE paperbacks GGA naughty girls
3525798297 BIZARRE LIFE Vol. I, #2 STANTON + BILBREW 60s

have been ended. All fees associated with these auctions have been credited to your account. 

Your auction: 

1962 fetish mag FANTASIA No.20 _ Pony Boys!  
Item # 2932733869 

was in violation of our policies. The following was included in your auction:

"... FANTASIA No.20 (Lucian 1962)

Approximately 40 pages of non-stop bondage and spanking and fetish.

Which is not allowed on eBay. As there are several violations of this policy on your account, 
we have ended all of your currently listed auctions. 

eBay cannot allow items such as you have listed to be listed on our site. The eBay Mature 
Audiences policy places strict limitations on the types of sexually-oriented material that can 
be placed on the eBay core site as well as in the Mature Audiences section of the site.

In considering whether an item is in violation of eBay's Mature Audiences policies, we consider 
the overall content of the listing, including links, pictures and text. Please note that 
blocking or otherwise editing questionable parts of an image or term will not exempt the 
auction from these standards. Please review the following list for a better explanation of what 
is prohibited in our Mature Audiences section.

The following will not be permitted: 

*  Personal services including, but not limited to: chats, phone sex, webcams or other related 

*  More than 2 adult images per listing, including montage images, or any video clip of sexual 

*  Images portraying graphic sexual activity, including: images of people touching their own or 
another’s genitals or anus, oral contact with breasts, oral-genital contact, close-up images 
depicting only genitalia, or any type of penetration

*  Describing an item as extreme, hardcore, XX, or XXX, even if the item's title or a 
performer's name includes these phrases

*  Listings suggesting that the item or its packaging is too graphic to describe, or show 
photos of, due to eBay policies

*  Amateur, "Hidden camera" or “Homemade” videos depicting sexual activity 

*  Titles or descriptions containing terms that imply any kind of graphic violence or bodily 
injury in a sexual setting or otherwise. Some examples of prohibited information would be 
reference to “BDSM” (S & M), “spanking”, or “gangbang”

*  Titles or descriptions containing terms referring to any bodily fluids, including slang terms

*  Terms or descriptions implying underage performers including, but not limited to: child or 
children, teen, teens, or teenage, Lolita, and young girls/boys 

*  Any depiction of necrophilia, bestiality, incest, or rape 

*  Listings containing links to sites that contain items or images prohibited on eBay, 
including those outlined in our Mature Audiences policy and those that do not comply with our 
Links and Advertisements and Credits policies 

*  Descriptions or titles containing extraneous profanity 

*  Used underwear including, but not limited to: athletic supporters, boxer or jockey shorts, 
briefs, full-length panty hose, panties, and thongs
This policy can be viewed in its entirety at the following URL:

For information on infringing or illegal items, as well as information on other eBay listing 
policies, please view the following URL:

For more information on why eBay has ended an auction, please visit: 

Future auctions listed that fail to meet our listing guidelines will be ended early and 
repeated violations may jeopardize your account status. We value you as a member of our 
community and wish to continue our relationship, so we respectfully ask you to refrain from any 
violations of the Listing Policies or User Agreement in the future.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department)
eBay Inc