Date:  2003/05/04 Sun PM 02:01:30 EDT To:   Subject:  PI NOTICE: eBay Auctions Ended by Customer Support - S M (General Site)
Date:   2003/05/04 Sun PM 02:01:30 EDT
To:   *********
Subject:   PI NOTICE: eBay Auctions Ended by Customer Support - S M (General Site)
Dear ********,

We regret to inform you that your eBay auctions:

3519031927 bdsm 50's BONDAGE monthly: WHIP & ROPE #1
3519032588 bdsm 50's BONDAGE monthly: WHIP & ROPE #2
3519036748 bdsm 50's BONDAGE monthly: WHIP & ROPE #4
3519038072 bdsm 50's BONDAGE monthly: WHIP & ROPE #6
3519038128 bdsm 50's BONDAGE monthly: WHIP & ROPE #9
3519055754 PLEASURE PARADE #6 (rare 1959 BDSM mag)

have been ended. All fees associated with these auctions have been credited to your account. 

The items you have listed do not appear to be consistent with eBay guidelines. 

eBay cannot allow items such as you have listed to be listed on our site. We have recently 
implemented a new policy regarding auctions in which the sellers reference SM (Sadomasochism) 
in either the title or description. 

The eBay Mature Audiences policy places strict limitations on the types of sexually-oriented 
material that can be placed on the eBay core site as well as in the Mature Audiences section of 
the site.  It is very important that you review this policy thoroughly before listing these 
types of items in the future.  Additional violations of this policy can even lead to the 
suspension of the eBay account.  

This policy can be viewed in its entirety at the following URL:

Here are some examples of sexually-oriented material that would not be permitted. Note that 
this type of material is prohibited whether it appears in the title, description text, images 
or even on web pages that are linked from the listing. 

-Any reference to Sadomasochism (S&M) or other sexually-oriented material that features pain, 
torture, rough sex, bodily injury, rape or violence.

-Material rated XX or higher 

-The use of profanity or terms such as  ‘hardcore’ or ‘extreme’. 

-Items featuring semen or other bodily fluids.

-Images or descriptions featuring graphic depictions of sexual activity. This includes images 
showing oral contact with breasts or genitalia. 

-Hidden camera videos and amateur videos that are sexually-oriented.

For a better understanding of our listing guidelines please visit the following URL:

For information on other items prohibited on eBay please view the following URL:

For more information on why eBay has ended an auction, please visit: 

Future auctions listed that fail to meet our listing guidelines will be ended early and 
repeated violations may jeopardize your account status. We value you as a member of our 
community and wish to continue our relationship, so we respectfully ask you to refrain from any 
violations of the Listing Policies or User Agreement in the future.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department)
eBay Inc